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Optimisation – Coordination - Proximity

Listening to your needs

Optimising asset performance in compliance with safety, regulatory and contractual commitments

  • Real-time monitoring of power stations via the control centre, and 24/7 emergency management
  • Proximity to assets, through local support and a presence throughout the locality via the maintenance team’s 55 employees, spread out over 11 bases

Customised analytics and optimisation solutions, with high added value provided by the engineering department

Informed advice from experts located throughout the Company in our Design Offices (Environment, Electrical, Acoustics, etc.) or Legal Division

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“A tailor-made monitoring service adapted to the specificities and constraints of our clients’ assets”

Main contact and technical coordination

  • Interface with all stakeholders
  • Representing the customer
  • Coordination of work, management of works and optimisation of schedules

Health and security management, regulatory and contractual

  • Site safety management
  • Compliance with regulations and administrative authorisations 
  • Monitoring guarentees and contractual commitments 

Performance optimisation

  • Monitoring of key indicators (real time and historical) 
  • Analysis of under-performance and definition of action plans 
  • On-site inspections and audits


  • Periodic operating and inspections reports
  • Performance analysis reports 
  • On-site inspections reports 


Conduite de parc éolien HTB

Wind farm

Valemo operates the Sainte Rose wind farm in Guadeloupe, which is subject to more regulatory constraints than in mainland France: island network, extreme weather conditions (cyclones), energy management system (EMS), storage, improved turbulence management strategy, environmental constraints, etc.

Exploitation de parc photovoltaïque

Photovoltaic park

In order to meet its customers’ expectations, the PV Operations team has revised its approach in order to include various technologies and multiple suppliers. It also faces complex constraints such as on the Brach photovoltaic power plant. This power plant, located in the heart of the Médoc forest, is subject to challenging biodiversity issues and requires rigorous fire risk management.

Exploitation de centrale hydroélectrique

Hydroelectric power plant

The Operations team works closely with the Maintenance teams to optimise the production and safety of the Caribbean Hydropower plants. It also liaises with local stakeholders such as the water network and the electricity grid operators.

Latest news

« Bridage de fauche » : Flanging the wind turbine when the fields are mown

The “Bridage de Fauche” is a measure designed to reduce the impact of wind turbines on raptor populations living in rural areas. During agricultural activities such as mowing, harvesting or ploughing, the small mammals that inhabit these fields
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Bird detection system

A bird detection system (BDS) is a set of technologies and devices designed to detect the presence of birds around wind farms. The main aim of this system is to minimise the risk of collision with wind turbines.
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Environment : Avifauna detection

The management of environmental aspects has evolved considerably in recent years. VALEMO has been able to adapt and acquire expertise in the various solutions developed for the protection of flying fauna: dynamic clamping for chiropterans, mowing clamps, bird
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