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Expert videos: Get to the heart of our business!

The countdown is on! In just a few weeks, we’ll be unveiling our “expert videos”. The last quarter was punctuated by the preparation and filming of these “expert videos”, a series of 7 videos that will offer you
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« Bridage de fauche » : Flanging the wind turbine when the fields are mown

The “Bridage de Fauche” is a measure designed to reduce the impact of wind turbines on raptor populations living in rural areas. During agricultural activities such as mowing, harvesting or ploughing, the small mammals that inhabit these fields
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VALEMO’s drone activity – objectives and uses

For almost a year now, VALEMO has been integrating drone telepilot skills with the aim of being able to carry out high-quality aerial inspections and access difficult or dangerous areas without endangering inspectors. Four technical experts were trained
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Modernizing data collection

For the past 3 years, the Data department has been investing in R&D for condition-based maintenance, to detect temperature anomalies and production under-performance. This year, this work led to the implementation of an automatic underperformance detection algorithm for
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Installation of three floating wind turbines

If you’ve been following French offshore wind energy news, you won’t have missed this: the three floating wind turbines have been installed in the Mediterranean! A world first, since the Provence Grand Large pilot farm, developed by EDF
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Improvement of an icing prediction model for wind farm operations

Since October 2021, VALEMO has been involved in a CIFRE thesis project, in collaboration with the CNRM (Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques) and Météo France, to continue improving an icing forecasting model (WIRE) on wind turbine blades. The
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Creation of a remote management system for hydroelectricity

Since 2010, VALEMO has been developing wind and photovoltaic remote management tools to meet the supervision needs of its facilities. With the increase in the number of power plants in operation, and following the acquisition of the FHA
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VALEMO Onshore safety days 2023

Friendly days to improve our safety practices in wind power and photovoltaics For more than 10 years, VALEMO’s operations and maintenance staff have been getting together for safety days. In early June, 63 participants gathered near Vierzon to
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Blade inspections by drone

VALEMO has been performing visual inspections of wind turbine blades on its customers’ assets for almost ten years. Our experience in this field has led us to carry out these inspections on most types of wind turbine. With
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