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Throughout the life cycle of the assets, the Engineering department provides customised analytics and optimisation solutions to increase the efficiency of their power plants.

Activities are divided into four main components: data control and analysis, development of monitoring tools, technical auditing and research and development (R&D).

Around ten engineers are working on optimising repatriation tools and data analysis.

Three experts are working on the development and installation of monitoring tools and two engineers coordinate the technical auditing. This activity involves some twenty experts who work across our maintenance bases in mainland France

“Technical support adapted to each stage of the power plant’s life cycle.”

Technical audits

  • Visual inspection
  • IR thermography
  • Audit of blades
  • Lubricant sampling and analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Endoscopy
  • Nacelle alignment measurement – LiDAR
  • Blade angle measurement


  • Development of tools for monitoring, regulation, control of RE power stations (SCADA) 
  • Operating Information Exchange Device (DEIE) interface

Data engineering

Structure and management of power plant data:

  • Developing predictive maintenance algorithms
  • Developing digital tools to ensure reliable performance monitoring and implementation of a dashboard for operations and maintenance
  • R&D vibration monitoring


  • Studies on performance optimisation concepts
  • Data processing and valuation
  • Own academic research:
    • Predictive maintenance (Gipsa-Lab)
    • Forecasting frost phenomenon (MétéoFrance)
  • Research in partnership: Machine health monitoring


Wind farm

Ten nacelle alignment measurement campaigns were carried out at the Ablaincourt wind farm, located in the Somme in France, which is composed of 10 NORDEX N131 wind turbines with 3.6 MW of power per unit. These campaigns made it possible to check the alignment of the wind turbines with the wind direction and to optimise the total production by 2.3%.

Photovoltaic park

A monitoring tool has been developed to monitor the 34 MWp Mézos and Pinvert power plant located in Les Landes. The tool is used to monitor delivery stations, inverters and trackers, to implement the DEIE interface and control reactive energy.

Hydroelectric power plant

Vibration analyses were carried out on the 16 hydro-electric plants in the FHA portfolio located in Guadeloupe. The total capacity of these 16 power plants is 10 MW. These vibration analyses made it possible to check the mechanical condition of all the kinematic chains.

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Blade inspection : Anticipate major problems.

Since 2014, VALEMO has been performing visual inspections of wind turbine blades from the ground. These inspections allow the detection of defects on the blade coatings and structures. About 15 technical staff are trained in on-site data acquisition,
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Focus: vibration analysis of wind turbines

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