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Proactive – Reliable - Skilful

Your parks in good hands

Local and experienced teams, ready to take swift action. Spread over 11 bases, located within two hours of our clients’ assets.

55 trained and certified technicians:

  • Wind: GWO, skilled in working at height and with electricity, trained by turbine manufacturers
  • PV: trained and experienced multi-technology and multi-brand technicians working on photovoltaic modules at PDL
  • Hydro: technicians trained by turbine manufacturers, working on various high head and low head power plants
  • RME: GWO© “Marine Survival” certified employees (data buoys, measurement masts, wind turbines, substations)

On-call 24/7 service available 365 days of the year to guarantee a rapid response to service calls

Maintenance de parc éolien


Valemo teams are spread nationwide, ready to take swift action

Thanks to its nationwide agencies, the company operates as close as possible to the power plants and guarantees a rapid on-site response.

“Local and experienced teams for a quicker response”

Multi-energy field of action

  • Wind – PV – Hydro – Marine energies
  • HV substations (Delivery and transformer substations)
  • EHV substations

Tailor-made contracts

  • Full maintenance or O&M with guaranteed availability
  • Pay-as-you-go subcontracting (standard or flat rate)
  • On-call 24/7/365

Digital tools

Supporting maintenance operations by reducing inspection and reporting times, spare parts inventory management (CMMS)

Partnerships for specific activities

Through partnerships with specialised operators:

  • Manufacturers of central inverters, HV cells, …
  • PV module cleaning, PV thermography, green space management

Preventative and predictive maintenance

  • As recommended by manufacturers
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Retrofitting and technical recommendations

Corrective maintenance

  • Managing intervention/repair times
  • Call-outs for equipment under warranty on behalf of the client
  • HV 24/7 on-call


Maintenance de parc photovoltaïque

Photovoltaic park

Camiac: Huawei 3.6 MWc string inverters, STI trackers, 8,400 panels

Maintenance de parc éolien

Wind farm

Criel-sur-mer: a park with 4 Acciona AW1500 machines for full preventative and corrective operations

Maintenance de centrale hydroélectrique

Hydroelectric power station

Upstream and downstream hydroelectric power stations in Bananiers with a total installed capacity of 2.45MW (Pelton) – maintenance of the two upstream water intakes

Latest news

Partnership with SoWatt in Martinique

At the start of 2024, SO WATT and VALEMO are initiating their first contract for the supervision and maintenance of PV roofs in the Caribbean, and will also be working in partnership on the Smartgrid project for the
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Maintenance : VALEMO ensures the maintenance of the Criel-sur-Mer park with the SPV Criel Energies

This is a first for VALEMO on a wind park. Indeed, VALEMO normally ensures the maintenance via the turbiner. But it is thanks to years of experience acquired with several turbiners and a careful preparation of the method
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Maintenance: VALEMO carries out maintenance on more than 75 solar roofs installations

Started in 2012 within the Valemo maintenance department, the solar roof maintenance activity remained for a long time at a marginal stage; the park being constituted until mid 2018, of 5 roofs, with a power ranging from 45
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