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Partnership with SoWatt in Martinique

At the start of 2024, SO WATT and VALEMO are initiating their first contract for the supervision and maintenance of PV roofs in the Caribbean, and will also be working in partnership on the Smartgrid project for the Grand Port Maritime de Martinique.

SO WATT has been installing and managing solar roofs for several years, initially in Martinique, and now more widely in the Caribbean and French Guiana.

Installation sites are mainly tertiary sites, industrial buildings, shaded areas or collective residences.

Today, SO WATT is booming, with some forty projects in service or awaiting connection in the Caribbean.

To support this development, SO WATT has entrusted VALEMO with the supervision and maintenance of the sites it manages.

The contract, built together, provides for VALEMO’s support from the site acceptance and commissioning phases, through to preventive and corrective maintenance operations throughout the site’s lifetime.

VALEMO’s Supervision Center teams, based in Bègles and providing 24/7 monitoring, interface with local supervisory systems to detect and alert Maintenance team colleagues to any alarms or malfunctions requiring intervention.

The maintenance procedures and instructions used are the fruit of the experience of colleagues in the VALEMO Maintenance team, who work on AVENTO roofs in mainland France, and now maintain around a hundred sites.

In this respect, the first takeovers will be carried out with a reference colleague on the roofs in mainland France, to ensure the best possible transfer of skills within the VALEMO team based in Guadeloupe, and also with our local partner for Martinique.

We’d like to thank SO WATT for the trust they’ve placed in us, and we’re delighted to be initiating our PV activities with the SO WATT teams as part of this partnership.


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