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« Bridage de fauche » : Flanging the wind turbine when the fields are mown

The “Bridage de Fauche” is a measure designed to reduce the impact of wind turbines on raptor populations living in rural areas. During agricultural activities such as mowing, harvesting or ploughing, the small mammals that inhabit these fields are exposed, making them potential prey for birds of prey. This increases the presence of these birds of prey in agricultural plots, which in turn increases the risk of collisions with wind turbines. As a precautionary measure, the turbines are temporarily shut down during agricultural work, and for two to three days thereafter during the day.

VALEMO’s supervision Department maintains direct communication with the farmers who operate these plots to plan the shutdown of the wind turbines. In certain circumstances, it is necessary to implement this flange measure 5 to 10 years after the park is commissioned. In such cases, VALEMO’s strong local presence facilitates the implementation of this measure. This involves meetings and discussions between VALEMO and the landowners about the reasons for flanging the turbines. These meetings continue until a formal agreement is signed with these operators.

Farmers and farm managers


Key account managers in Operations

The Operations department has changed its organisation by creating a new role of Key account Manager. This role is responsible for a number of key tasks: Managing cross-functional or shared issues: The Key Account manager coordinates and supervises activities that apply to
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PV training and exercise on HV consignment at VALEMO

High Voltage consignment exercise, a voluntary approach supported by VALEMO to practice in real conditions For several years now, VALEMO has been organising real-life manoeuvring exercises on high-voltage cubicles before training maintenance teams in high-voltage consignment. These exercises, carried out in the
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Commissioning of a first IP teleaction line

VALEMO is helping you to change your teleaction equipment (at PdL and Poste Source) so that it complies with the new communication protocol introduced by ENEDIS and Orange. These steps are being taken in the context of the end of Orange’s maintenance
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