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VALEMO takes part in the Scientific Days

VALEMO will be present at the second edition of the Wind Energy Scientific Days on January 25 and 26 in St Malo.

Organized by France Renouvelables and IFP Énergies Nouvelles, this event brings together academics and wind energy professionals to discuss the latest scientific innovations in onshore and offshore wind energy.

Four VALEMO employees are taking part in the event. Three as speakers to present their work synthesized around three themes:

Methodology for detecting nacelle alignment-related underperformance using SCADA data analysis

Considering the impact of aerodynamic power coefficient variation, the study focuses on the detection of nacelle alignment-related underperformance using SCADA data analysis, particularly at low wind speeds. The SCADA analyses focus on deviations from the median power curve for a group of wind turbines, and on analyzing the behavior of power curves. These analyses are illustrated by examples of nacelle misalignment measured by LiDAR-type nacelle-mounted measuring devices. The aim of this approach is to identify one or more wind turbines for effective deployment of pod-mounted LiDAR.

Improved icing forecasting for wind farm operations

Since October 2021, VALEMO has been involved in a CIFRE thesis project, in collaboration with the CNRM (Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques) and Météo France, to continue improving an icing forecasting model (WIRE) on wind turbine blades. The aim of this partnership is to provide our control center with an operational tool for wind farm operations. The work of this thesis focuses on three main areas in order to improve the whole icing risk prediction chain for wind farm management: The first concerns the performance of the AROME numerical weather prediction (NWP) model, whose parameters are used as input data by WIRE. Secondly, the modeling of the icing phenomenon and the implementation of a melting module in the operational version of WIRE. A third focus on taking uncertainties into account through the use of probabilistic forecasts.

Multi-model condition monitoring for fleet-wide wind turbine fault detection

Conditional preventive maintenance is a tool for planning interventions to mitigate the risk of failure, based on monitoring the health of components. Low-frequency data are used to perform these analyses, enabling multivariate temporal analysis to monitor thermal faults.

Another member of staff will be giving a presentation during a plenary session on Fault Indicators using 10 min data, applied to a heterogeneous fleet of wind turbines within the “Reliability, service life, maintenance” Session.


Inauguration of the supervision centre in 24/7

On November 13, 2023, VALEMO inaugurated its 24/7 supervision center. One of the only 24/7 ENR supervision centers in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region! Our team of 9 employees works in shifts to ensure continuity of service. The role of the control center
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VALEMO takes part in the “La mer en débat” public debate

Since November 20, and until April 26, 2024, the “Le Mer en Débat” public debate is taking place, the outcome of which will be of great importance for the planning of future French offshore wind farms (but not only…). At the
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Offshore wind power: the challenge of quality inspections: in the factory, during the pre-assembly phase, at sea

VALEMO supports turbiniers from the industrialization phase of their nacelle to their exploitation at sea, through the quality inspections and commissionning phases. We set up partnerships with companies located in regions sharing our interests for the offshore wind market, as well as
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