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Modernizing data collection

For the past 3 years, the Data department has been investing in R&D for condition-based maintenance, to detect temperature anomalies and production under-performance.

This year, this work led to the implementation of an automatic underperformance detection algorithm for the entire fleet.

VALEMO has set up a new internal platform, a “data lake”. This innovative system is capable of bringing together heterogeneous data from wind farms in a variety of formats and architectures. While this algorithm works easily with recent fleets, our aim is now to extend this data collection to older fleets, whose technology is much more heterogeneous.

To achieve this, we have invested heavily in the installation of data loggers at around ten sites, enabling us to acquire data directly and bring it into line with our standards. As far as photovoltaics is concerned, we have set up our own data acquisition system to guarantee total control of the data, from its origin to the dashboard.

Our algorithms for detecting under-performance and temperature anomalies enable us to guarantee our customers complete control over the data, enabling them to maximize profits and optimize park production. Our operations managers, in close collaboration with our data analysts, can thus anticipate future breakdowns and suggest corrections to machine operation (realignment of blades, nacelle, adjustment of clamps, etc.)

This modernization of data collection represents a major step forward in our quest for efficiency and operational excellence. By enabling our customers to make the most of their assets, we are actively contributing to the transition to more sustainable and efficient energy production.


Work-study programs at VALEMO

At the heart of our commitment to professional development and training, VALEMO currently welcomes eight alternating students within the company. Our trainees are involved in various fields, ranging from technical maintenance, operational management, security, and the challenges of computer network engineering. Work-study
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VALEMO takes part in the Scientific Days

VALEMO will be present at the second edition of the Wind Energy Scientific Days on January 25 and 26 in St Malo. Organized by France Renouvelables and IFP Énergies Nouvelles, this event brings together academics and wind energy professionals to discuss the
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Inauguration of the supervision centre in 24/7

On November 13, 2023, VALEMO inaugurated its 24/7 supervision center. One of the only 24/7 ENR supervision centers in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region! Our team of 9 employees works in shifts to ensure continuity of service. The role of the control center
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