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//Offshore: VALEMO performs blade audits on fixed-bottom wind turbines in the North Sea

VALEMO exports its skills to perform blade audits on several offshore wind farms in the North Sea, beyond the German and Belgian coasts.

During these large-scale campaigns to cover the inspection of dozens of machines, our technicians carry out data acquisition on site using a high-performance camera associated with a 600 mm lens, mounted on a computer-controlled motorized head, a technology from the French company CORNIS, which allows us to obtain around 100 HD images for each blade audited.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence developed by CORNIS, the digitally reconstructed blade and defects are automatically detected before being analyzed by qualified experts. As a result of this collaboration, VALEMO has gained new experiences in offshore operations in autonomy , on fleets more or less distant from the coast, and with recent offshore turbine models enabling the technology to be explored on large-diameter rotors.


Meeting our experts!

Since January, VALEMO has been offering you the opportunity to delve into the heart of our operation and maintenance business by meeting our experts, who have made VALEMO a specialist in the world of renewable energy. Among the experts you can discover:
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Discover the results of our 2023 customer satisfaction survey!

We are pleased to share with you the results of our recent customer satisfaction survey conducted by the Continuous Improvement department. The survey, which was sent to all our customers, attracted a remarkable response rate of 46%, representing 80% of our corporate
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SACDA data analysis.

Since 2018, VALEMO has implemented SCADA data analysis with the aim of optimising wind turbine performance and maintenance. This tool identifies various faults, such as an anemometer or temperature anomaly, underperformance, PLC wind drift, misalignment, as well as cooling and lubrication issues.
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