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February 2020

Newsletter VALEMO #14

The investment made by VALEMO for more than 12 years in the operation, technical expertise and maintenance of renewable energy plants, with the support of our engineering department, now makes sense through the O&M offers that we propose to our customers to operate their PV and hydro power plants in an optimal way. The complementary nature of our businesses and the high technical skills of our teams are also key elements that enable us to offer more and more services for offshore installations in France and abroad.

This multiplicity of services involves the analysis and post-processing of the entire mass of data collected in increasingly massive databases. A big thank you to the Data Analyst team for developing the software tools to analyze and improve the performance and monitoring of our installations without losing sight of the optimization of their lifespan.

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Frederic Prevost – Executive Manager

R&D FOCUS: studies and measurement campaignsto deliver a quality service

As part of our work to optimize the performance of wind assets, VALEMO's engineering department has been working since 2016 on the problem of wind turbine misalignment with respect to wind direction.

Several studies, as well as a performance analysis methodology and 22 control measurement campaigns have been conducted.

Find all the results here

To celebrate the new year, the remote centre is getting a makeover!
It is now two workstations dedicated to this process.

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Live from our VALEMO base in Bègles

VALEMO base in BèglesOperation & Maintenance

8 ground-mounted solar power plants / 4 rooftop solar power plants / 1 hydroelectric powerplant

2 technical support and 1 maintenance technician

Plants supervised by Bègles base

Meeting with Joseph Leduc – Maintenance technician at the Bègles centre

What is your background, your training?

My training path has always been linked to the world of electrical engineering. First of all, I took a baccalaureate in Electrical Engineering at the STI, then a BTS in Electrical Engineering. My professional career began in an industrial plant (pipe mill) where I carried out electrical and electronic maintenance and automation assignments. Then I joined the SNCF for 3 years to deal with railway maintenance, in particular on-board computers and automatisms, with a view to passenger and personal safety. After a year in the design office, I joined VALEMO last June as a maintenance technician for the Bègles centre.

What are your missions?

Ninety percent of these are dedicated to photovoltaics, with the remaining 10% dedicated to hydroelectricity with the Claredent power plant. They are preventive and curative maintenance. I work on different, complementary technologies, whether it's inverters, trackers or shading systems for shopping centres. I also carry out HT maintenance missions on delivery stations. I intervene within the framework of regulatory inspections and controls (fire extinguishers, BAES emergency equipment).
For hydroelectricity, I also carry out curative, preventive and HV maintenance.

Which missions do you enjoy the most?

Not coming initially from the world of renewables, I appreciate being 90% dedicated to one type of energy, it allows me to acquire expertise more easily. I would like to salute here the confidence shown in me by VALEMO's management, as well as the team's pedagogy and genuine commitment to passing on its knowledge. This allows me to become autonomous quickly and under the best conditions. This is what is important to me today: to be independent and to be able to provide a concrete solution to a problem, in a forward-looking approach.

// Maintenance: Signature of a Memorandum Of Understanding with VESTAS

As part of the new wind farms developed by VALOREM and equipped with VESTAS turbines, VALEMO is increasing its technical diversity and will participate in preventive maintenance and troubleshooting operations on these machines.

The first bases involved will be those in the North/North West zone.

// HYDROELECTRICITY – VALEMO pursues the development of its operation and maintenance activities for micro-hydro power plants

After the Claredent power station (19) operated and maintained by VALEMO since November 2018, the teams are on the ground at the beginning of 2020 to finalise the commissioning of the "La Resse" power station located in the commune of Mazamet (81). Equipped with a 357 kW Kaplan turbine, this is the second micro-hydro power plant commissioned by the VALOREM Group in mainland France.

At the same time, within the framework of the MAI won by the VALOREM Group from VNF, concerning the development of a portfolio of 10 run-of-river hydroelectric power stations on the Seine and the Saône, VALEMO is giving the VALOREM Group the benefit of its operating expertise by actively participating in the technical definition and selection of the main suppliers of these power stations, well ahead of their scheduled commissioning in 2021.


Commissioning of measuring buoys for Star of the South, Australia’s first offshore wind farm

What an adventure for our team to launch the wind measurement campaign for Star of the South future offshore wind farm! VALEMO is enthusiastic to accompany AKROCEAN in this worldwide journey aside GEPS TECHNO.

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Contract for wind and metocean data for French offshore sites

French State starts derisking future offshore wind projects and VALEMO is on board through AKROCEAN which won the call for tenders from METEO FRANCE, in charge of the wind measurement campaigns on the pre-identified sites.

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Human resources // New recruits

VALEMO continues its recruitment process. The Bègles and Nantes agencies are thus enriched with 3 new recruits:

– Perrine Ortolan / asset manager

– Marion Cayla / operation team manager

– Kevin Troussier / asset manager

A few positions remain to be filled, to apply, clik here!

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VALEMO takes part in the “La mer en débat” public debate

Since November 20, and until April 26, 2024, the “Le Mer en Débat” public debate is taking place, the outcome of which will be of great importance for the planning of future French offshore wind farms (but not only…). At the
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Offshore wind power: the challenge of quality inspections: in the factory, during the pre-assembly phase, at sea

VALEMO supports turbiniers from the industrialization phase of their nacelle to their exploitation at sea, through the quality inspections and commissionning phases. We set up partnerships with companies located in regions sharing our interests for the offshore wind market, as well as
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Partnership with SoWatt in Martinique

At the start of 2024, SO WATT and VALEMO are initiating their first contract for the supervision and maintenance of PV roofs in the Caribbean, and will also be working in partnership on the Smartgrid project for the Grand Port Maritime de
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