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Inauguration of the supervision centre in 24/7

On November 13, 2023, VALEMO inaugurated its 24/7 supervision center. One of the only 24/7 ENR supervision centers in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region! Our team of 9 employees works in shifts to ensure continuity of service.

The role of the control center is to optimize the production of all supervised assets using software that transmits asset data in real time.

The supervision center is made up of two teams of employees:

Team 5×8Team 2×8
Monday – FridayPresence of a technician 24/7 to handle all requestsExpert technician on duty from 7am to 10pm to: – Assist in the management of malfunctions when the load becomes significant, – Ensure quality of service and full compliance with established procedures,
Weekends and public holidaysPresence of a technician 24/7 to handle all requestsAn expert technician on call from 7am to 10pm to help the driver 5×8 in case of emergency

The supervision center supervises 24/7:

On 1 January 2024Number of sitesPower2024 Outlook
Means of energy productionWind farms83855 MW+ 472 MW
Photovoltaic parks20 (ground)
80 (roof)
133 MW
15 MW
+ 12 MW
+13 Mw
Hydroelectric plants1811MW
Battery storage12 MW+ 18,2 MW
Hydrogen production1N. A.
Production evacuation stationMV substation160N. A.
HV Substation3160 MVA+ 63 MVA
Services for our colleaguesICPE alarm management17208 MW+ 53 MW
Marine renewable energyTest site2N. A. 
Offshore measuring buoy19N. A. 

In 2023, in order to further improve the services provided to our customers, VALEMO decided to equip itself with a market-leading supervision software for wind assets.

This new tool will allow us to further improve real-time monitoring of the operational status of wind turbines (automatic detection of faults and clamps, remote control of assets) and to provide better fleet reporting to our customers.

Now operational 24/7, VALEMO can now offer the following services:

  • – Management of assets on behalf of third parties (24/7),
  • – Management of negative price periods (24/7),
  • – Implementation and optimization of acoustic campaigns (24/7),
  • Etc.

Also, given the requirements of the French Transmission System Operator (RTE), the driving centre is currently equipped with STS (Secure Telephony System) and SAS (Alert and Backup System), scheduled for commissioning in Q1 2024. As a reminder, the designation of an operator with this equipment is a prerequisite for the commissioning of HTB substations when the production power is greater than 40 MW or the connection voltage is equal to or greater than 150 kV.


Work-study programs at VALEMO

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VALEMO takes part in the “La mer en débat” public debate

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