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VALEMO’s drone activity – objectives and uses

For almost a year now, VALEMO has been integrating drone telepilot skills with the aim of being able to carry out high-quality aerial inspections and access difficult or dangerous areas without endangering inspectors.

Four technical experts were trained in the spring of 2023 on several types of drones over a three-week period. Alongside this practical training, these four experts prepared and then validated the Certificat d’Aptitude Théorique de Télépilote.

VALEMO has chosen to equip itself with top-quality equipment in order to provide high value-added services. Our remote pilots use a DJI M350 RTK drone equipped with a P1 camera and an H20T thermal camera.

Drone DJI M350 RTK

The uses identified include

  • Visual inspections of blades, nacelles, towers and foundations for onshore and offshore wind turbines.
  • Thermographic inspections of photovoltaic power plant panels.
  • Electrical continuity measurement of wind turbine lightning protection systems.
  • Thermographic inspections of structures (wind turbine blades and tower sections in particular).

This year, our remote pilots will have flown a total of over 80 hours on some fifteen projects representing more than 60 wind turbines in mainland France.


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