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VALEMO Onshore safety days 2023

Friendly days to improve our safety practices in wind power and photovoltaics

For more than 10 years, VALEMO’s operations and maintenance staff have been getting together for safety days.

In early June, 63 participants gathered near Vierzon to take part in

4 safety workshops at the Dampierre wind farm (Nordex N117 wind turbine) over 1.5 days, accompanied by trainers from IFOPSE and PETZL, including a workshop on setting up an evacuator in a nacelle filled with smoke, and feedback on best practice in emergency management in the event of a wind turbine fire or pollution at the wind farm.

8 safety workshops (theoretical and practical) at the St Marcel PV farm (fixed-structure farm and string inverters) over 1.5 days: application of the VALEMO guide to detecting PV panel faults; and feedback on good safety practice in the event of a string inverter fire.

These moments of experience sharing and on-site practice have helped to improve the safety culture of VALEMO’s teams.

Moreover, employees from VALEMO’s 9 bases, and yes, we were lucky enough to have 3 colleagues from Guadeloupe with us! We’re looking forward to next year, when we’ll be working on our safety skills on a different type of wind turbine and photovoltaic farm.


Installation of three floating wind turbines

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