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VALEMO website new shape!

All the VALEMO team is pleased to announce you the release / putting on line / putting in service of our new website!

It has been redesigned to allow you to easily find all the information you are looking for. You will find all our expertise and our proposed services as well as our various services.

More modern and dynamic, this new website will host our media library and content will be published regularly to keep you informed of all our news!


VALEMO brings its quality support services to Fécamp wind farm!

Since the beginning of 2023, VALEMO has been supporting Fécamp offshore wind farm with quality monitoring process during the project’s wind turbines assembly, in the port of Cherbourg.This service is part of VALEMO’s strategy to be a local and sustainable operator of
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TRAININGS : VALEMO wants the best for its employees.

This year again, VALEMO has continued its investment in safety training for its employees. All our maintenance technicians and technical support staff are trained to the GWO standard. During the year 2022, 26 employees have been trained to GWO Basic Training (Working
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SCADA SOLUTION : Manage wind farm production and condition remotely.

Since 2010, VALEMO has been developing wind power remote management tools to meet the supervision needs of the installations. The strong development of solar energy in the 2010 decade has led us, with our experience in wind power supervision tools, to develop
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