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Technical audits: a wide range of solutions to make your installations more reliable and optimize your production

Since 2010, VALEMO has been providing technical auditing services during the acceptance, warranty release, operation and buy-back phases of projects, in order to guarantee the producers’ interests and to ensure a high level of performance of assets.

Thanks to this strong experience, our references now stand at more than 5.5 GW of audited projects in France and abroad.

Our offer is based on the ability to provide quality services, with prices in line with the market, in a coordinated manner, taking into account the constraints of each stakeholder and respecting deadlines.

These services are declined according to the following services:

  • Technical visual inspection.
  • Lubricant sampling and analysis.
  • Thermography.
  • Inspection of blades.
  • Vibratory analysis.
  • Mass and aerodynamic unbalance analysis.
  • Blade angle analysis.
  • Performance analysis with SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) data.
  • Wind measurement with LiDAR (light detection and ranging) pods.

In addition, we collaborate on certain services with partners whose technical skills are recognized.

The following figures illustrate a wind measurement service with an LMN (LiDAR mounted nacelle) in order to characterize the energy gain related to the optimization of the wind turbine alignment control program.

In this way, on low and medium wind speeds, the calculated gain is 5%, or about 160 MWh (14.4 k€HT / year for a feed-in tariff of 90 €HT / MWh).

For any question on our services, please contact Julien Bourdeau :


Work-study programs at VALEMO

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Inauguration of the supervision centre in 24/7

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