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HV Maintenance:digitalisation of tools and process automation

In 2020, VALEMO managed the maintenance and high-voltage on-call management of around one hundred delivery substations, and as many transformer substations for numerous customers.
As part of the continuous improvement that we are striving to develop, we have digitised our maintenance processes and work with the ERMEO tool. This tool has the advantage of optimising our reporting times and improving the monitoring of installations.

Our teams have carried out the high voltage preventive maintenance with the help of their mobile application, following the adaptation of our paper supports on the ERMEO platform. This change in operation allows us to save a considerable amount of time on reporting: the reports are available to our customers as soon as the intervention is completed, are consistent with each other and delivery times to our customers are guaranteed. This solution also offers greater comfort to the technical teams, who no longer need to catch up on any administrative delays in the office for report writing, and can concentrate on operational missions.

The digitalisation of the reports has prompted the VALEMO teams to reflect on the database behind these forms. This database allows a more efficient follow-up of non-conformities that are detected during maintenance operations. Eventually, the database currently hosted by ERMEO will be repatriated to VALEMO’s Data Lake in order to integrate the monitoring of equipment with our own tools.

In 2021, the objective is to finalise the deployment of the inspection forms of the wind turbines in operation in order to carry out our next spring inspections from the mobile application, and to build the associated database. The second objective for the end of 2021 will be to deploy this solution on our maintenance assets (photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants in particular).


SACDA data analysis.

Since 2018, VALEMO has implemented SCADA data analysis with the aim of optimising wind turbine performance and maintenance. This tool identifies various faults, such as an anemometer or temperature anomaly, underperformance, PLC wind drift, misalignment, as well as cooling and lubrication issues.
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RES Services and its partners ensure the maintenance of the offshore wind farm substation in Saint-Brieuc.

Since the end of 2023, RES Services, in partnership with VALEMO, have been deploying their teams on the electrical substation of the Breton offshore wind farm operated by Iberdrola. This collaboration, in which RES Services is the leader, enables the two companies
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Meeting our experts!

Since January, VALEMO has been offering you the opportunity to delve into the heart of our operation and maintenance business by meeting our experts, who have made VALEMO a specialist in the world of renewable energy. Among the experts you can discover:
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