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October 2019

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Newsletter VALEMO #12

Because of some particularly interesting developments in recent weeks, our spring newsletter has been a long time coming.

Indeed, our recent activities have led us to establish a foothold overseas in the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric power plants. In addition, our Data Analyst team has now finalized and deployed analysis tools from the world of big data to our operations managers. These new tools now allow us to conduct analyses on turbine families from the beginning of their operations in order to measure variations in performance from one site to another, from one turbine family to another, from one maintenance base to another and their evolution over time. This is really quite impressive to see! Do not hesitate to ask our teams for a presentation… We also look forward to seeing you this week at SEANERGY (Offshore Wind and Renewable Marine Energies) where VALEMO will present a new offshore partnership. To be continued!

VALEMO will be present at the 4th edition of SEANERGY, the international forum dedicated to Renewable Marine Energies and Wind Energy at Sea, in Dunkirk on June 5th & 6th!

Come and meet us at booth n° F44

FOCUS: performance evaluation of technical support

VALEMO regularly brings to light its last case studies. You can find here a full record of the topic "Performance evaluation of technical support through the implementation of two new indicators".

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Live from our VALEMO base in Carcassonne

VALEMO has opened a new base in Guadeloupe to operate and maintain the Sainte-Rose wind farm, the first multi-megawatt wind farm with energy storage in the French Antilles.

VALEMO will take advantage of this first location to develop its activities in the Caribbean region: maintenance activities on the static storage systems of renewable energy plants, support for the maintenance of wind turbines and photovoltaic plants on other sites, assistance for the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric plants (an activity we will discuss in more detail shortly).

VALEMO base in Sainte Rose

Operation & Maintenance

1 operated wind farm

2 maintenance technicians

1 technical support

Meeting with Benoit Sabater – Technical support at Carcassonne

What is your background, your training?

I have a BTS in electro-technology, which was complemented by various internships, notably with EDF. I joined the wind power industry 5 years ago, at Vergnet Caraïbes. I have worked at different sites, different assembly phases. Everything concerning the electrification of a wind turbine is always very interesting. I have always wanted to work in this field. Integrating VALEMO was a new challenge, they are new machines for me and at Vergnet, I only worked on folding wind turbines. It's another universe, climbing to the top of the wind turbine and getting accustomed with the height. I joined VALEMO last September, and I received intensive training, particularly related to working at height, fire risk, and various electrical training. The objective is to perform tasks safely and competently.

What are your missions?

Ensuring that the machines are always available and running. The missions are varied, especially on the Sainte-Rose hybrid farm with its EMS and battery-based storage system. I can be required to trouble shoot a fault on a turbine or enter into a battery to change a damaged component. This is a new field for me, and I have received specific training. Voltages can be dangerous: there is always a potential source of electricity. I have also had extensive training on battery cut-off mechanisms.

What is the mission you appreciate most?

My objective is focusing on the machines, they are essential. I like to see them running, it's a real source of satisfaction, I find them beautiful and it's important for me that they are producing electricity. Also, being able to assist as quickly as possible is what I appreciate most.

New data analysis tools using PowerBI

Operations managers and data analysis experts have worked together to create the new automated reporting using PowerBI software. Those reports allow us to imagine a new way to communicate operating data to our clients.

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First hydroelectric power plant with operation and maintenance for VALEMO

In November 2018, the Claredent hydroelectric power plant injected its first kWh into the grid after two years of redevelopment and optimization work. VALEMO has two contracts, one for operation and a second for maintenance. All of this helps to develop its hydroelectricity business.

Human resources // New recruits

To support its fast-growing activity, VALEMO has set in motion in 2019 nearly ten recruitment procedures, increasing the number of VALEMO employees to 61. By this summer, they will have joined us:

– 3 operation managers

– 1 technical support

– 2 service technicians

– 1 data analyst

– 1 business developer

A few positions remain to be filled, to apply, clik here!

VALEMO is also setting up a new organization within its maintenance department, by appointing two regional supervisors (North and South).

Their roles are to ensure the proper functioning of the bases within their regions by supervising the implementation of their activities (resources and technical means). They provide a direct link with our customers and are responsible for the contractual commitments of the sites under their responsibility (preventive and curative maintenance, availability, reporting).

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Work-study programs at VALEMO

At the heart of our commitment to professional development and training, VALEMO currently welcomes eight alternating students within the company. Our trainees are involved in various fields, ranging from technical maintenance, operational management, security, and the challenges of computer network engineering. Work-study
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VALEMO takes part in the Scientific Days

VALEMO will be present at the second edition of the Wind Energy Scientific Days on January 25 and 26 in St Malo. Organized by France Renouvelables and IFP Énergies Nouvelles, this event brings together academics and wind energy professionals to discuss the
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Inauguration of the supervision centre in 24/7

On November 13, 2023, VALEMO inaugurated its 24/7 supervision center. One of the only 24/7 ENR supervision centers in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region! Our team of 9 employees works in shifts to ensure continuity of service. The role of the control center
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